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Olfa introduces its new revolutionary Rotating Mat, making quick work of your entire quilt cutting with one easy movement. Simply cut, rotate, and cut again for quick, effortless results. Great for Fussy Cutting!
Use the Olfa Rotating Mat for cutting squares, triangles, diamonds, circles, any shape which would ordinarily require you to turn your project or your body around. The Rotating Mats smooth rotating action simplifies your piecework when making multiple cuts, saving time and effort for you. Eliminates the need to turn your body, or work your way around a project. Instead of standing on your head to get that perfect angle, simply rotate your work on the Rotating Mat to keep your cutting angle directly in front of you at all times.
The Rotating Mat features a self-healing surface and the convenient 12" square size is perfect for taking to class with you where you may not have a lot of room. It's sleek and simple design fits easily in your Quilt in a Day Carry-All bag and has no ball bearings, stands or other parts to lose. Lightweight too.