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Facebook LIVE Week of 8.25.21

Posted by Beth Sweet on September 1, 2021

A collection of this week's Facebook LIVE videos.

Daily episodes of quilting and embroidery tips and tricks. It is always a sweet time quilting on Facebook LIVE with Beth where you can expect lots of sew-alongs, fun guests, and lots of creativity.
Join us every night LIVE Monday through Friday at 5:30 pm-ish and Saturday and Sunday at 3 pm-ish on our Facebook Page:

Brother 6 Needle PR680W

Yay! the new Brother 6 needle PR680W is here at Quilts and Lace. Come in and see all the features.



Candy Pouch Sew-along

 Gay joins us for a candy pouch sew along! Using the Luminarie to quilt the candy 🍬 bag pouch in the My Design Center. Awesome. Thank you Gay.



Creating an Embroidery Design for the Sewing Mat Pocket.

Brother's My Design Center and Baby Lock's IQ Designer

Brother's My Design Center and Baby Lock's IQ Designer are excellent for creating your own embroidery patterns with fill stitches and shapes.



CutRite Bind Up tool.

Sewing binding onto your project with perfect alignment and mitered corners.



Guideline Marker, "needle beam"

Guideline Marker, "needle beam" is the perfect feature of the Brother BQ3050, BQ3100 and the Baby Lock Chorus for sewing seams that do not cut off your block points!



Sensor pen on the Baby Lock Chorus.



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