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Dime Quilting with your Embroidery Machine Virtual Embroidery Event.

Posted by Beth Sweet on June 11, 2021

Please join us on June 29th for our Custom Dime Quilting with your Embroidery Machine Virtual Embroidery Event.

Dime Virtual Quilting Event

This exclusive, virtual event will elevate your quilting skills and inspire you to embellish and finish your quilt. Custom quilting enhances specific areas of a quilt such as blocks, sashing, and borders using multiple designs, whereas edge to edge or allover quilting repeats the same design. This technique accents embroidered and appliqued elements while filling the surrounding shapes with beautiful, quilted texture. Custom quilting is what stops you in your tracks at quilt shows.
You will learn how to:
  1. Select quilt designs for your quilt top.
  2. Create cohesive design elements.
  3. Highlight embroidery.
  4. Accentuate applique.
  5. Emphasize patchwork.
  6. Embellish crazy quilt blocks.
  7. Mix modern quilting with traditional blocks.
  8. Add the wow factor.
  9. Precisely place quilting designs.
  10. Handle the bulk of the quilt.
  11. Elevate small projects into showstoppers.
  12. Make your quilting top.
Please join us virtually for this informative and fun event on June 29th. 
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