Why purchase your sewing machine / serger from Quilts and Lace LLC?
$ 1 year of FREE SERVICE – In addition to the Baby Lock and Brother factory warranty, we extend to our customers 1 year of FREE SERVICE, for their new sewing, embroidery or overlock machine. This includes mechanical adjustments, cleaning, oiling. 
$ In-Store Service – We offer our customers the added protection and convenience of an in-store, full-time Baby Lock and Brother Factory Authorized Service and Repair Technician.
$ Trade-up – up to one year trade-up towards a machine of greater value excluding taxes. (Depending on the condition of machine and length of ownership).
$ Instructional classes – Each customer is offered owner’s classes. The total number of different technique classes vary depending on the model you purchased. You may take the classes as many times as you need. Classes are free, if you purchase your machine from us. 
$ Specialty Classes – We offer additional classes that focus on your sewing needs. Class fees and supplies are extra.
$ Sewing Clubs – Free membership in serger club or embroidery club with machine purchase for 1 year.
$ Product Discount – (machines $500 or more) – 10% discount off on regular price items for 1 year that focus on your sewing and quilting needs.
$ Tell-A-Friend Program – A $25 gift certificate, if you purchased a machine from us and then refer someone who buys a new BabyLock® or Brother® ($1,000 or more of value) from us.
$ Free Loaner – During your first 2 years of ownership, if we cannot get your machine repaired in 10 days, we will supply a free loaner at no charge. After 2 years of ownership we will rent a machine for $25 per day. 

Other Benefits
* Quilt guild discount - Present your quilt or sewing guild membership card and receive a 10% discount on regular priced fabric (including kits and fat quarters)
* Class discount - Receive 10% discount on supplies for the classes at Quilts and Lace LLC
* Free 'Open Sewing' - Do you have a project that needs a bit of help to get finished? Do you have a new project that you would like to get started? Or maybe you need a big table to baste your quilt? Maybe you wanted to digitize a design for embroidery? Join us on Tuesdays from 1 - 4pm for an open sewing event. Pack your supplies and tools and let’s work on your project — you can work on it on your own, or we will be glad to assist where we can. 


Sewing and Quilting Shop in Central Florida, specializing in:
* BabyLock® and Brother® sewing, quilting, embroidery and serging machines 
* Koala, Perfexion and Tailormade Sewing Cabinets
* Floriani products (full-line dealer of software, embroidery designs, threads and stabilizers)
* Anita Goodesign Embroidery Collections (full-line dealer)
* Full-time on-site, factory certified engineer with over 10 years of sewing machine repair experience / Mechanical Engineer by training
* Sewing, Embroidery and Serger Machine Operation Classes
* Heirloom sewing classes by a Martha Pullen Heirloom AND Beginner Sewing AND Serger Licensed Teacher
* Serger project classes
* Quilting classes
* Quilting, sewing, and embroidery supplies
* Sewing, quilting and serging events in our 1200 sqft 'Edutainment Center'

Our experienced service department will keep your sewing equipment in top condition.

  • We use the latest diagnostic technology to provide high-quality service and quick turnaround.
  • We have an in-house, full time, Baby Lock and Brother -factory certified service engineer (Allan), who will give your sewing machine a 'spa treatment :)
  • We will have a quick turn-around time for your machine, most times in just couple of days!
  • We service all brands of sewing, embroidery, quilting, industrial machines and sergers.
  • From quick fixes to complete service, we've got you covered. We know what we're doing, and we're dedicated to keeping your sewing, embroidery and serging machines running.
  • If your purchased your machine from us, your first year of service is FREE!!!
  • Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

We try our best to 'under-promise and over-deliver' :) 

About Us...

Quilts and Lace LLC is located in Melbourne, Florida - just a little bit south of Cape Canaveral, FL. Our customers come mainly from the Space Coast area, with some "snowbirds" filling our ranks and classroom. Our mission is:
“To provide sales, training, and service for BabyLock® and Brother® machines in the Space Coast Area.
To provide a place for the purchase of sewing accessories, notions, and supplies.
We try our best to 'under-promise and over-deliver' :)”
Quilts and Lace LLC was founded on 2011 by Aira Kekäle and Allan Reid. After 5 years been open, the shop was purchased by Beth Sweet on November 22nd, 2016.

Sewing has been Aira’s hobby and passion for over 50 years. An engineer by training, she worked over 20 years in big corporations as a Sr. project manager. Allan is a mechanical engineer by training and worked over 30 years in product development and corporate management.
On 2003 we decided to do something totally different: we started our own business in the sewing industry.  For almost 3 years we owned and operated a sewing retail store in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. For family reasons we sold our business and moved to Finland for 2 years.  We returned to USA and have now settled in Melbourne FL. Quilts and Lace LLC opened on 11/11/11 initially ina a 2400 sq.ft space: on 5/1/14 we added another 1200 sq ft classroom.
We named our shop ‘Quilts and Lace LLC’, since it reflects our main focus in sewing: Quilting and Heirloom Sewing. We are an authorized full line dealer for Baby Lock, Brother, Koala, Floriani and Anita Goodesign. In addition we also carry a large selection of threads, stabilizers and notions, a smaller selection of quilting and heirloom fabrics, as well as books and patterns. Aira is a 3 times Martha Pullen Licensed teacher (heirloom sewing, beginner sewing and sergers). Allan is a Brother and Baby Lock -factory certified service engineer. We attend the VDTA/STDA convention every year , and the sewing machine dealer conventions. 

SDTA (Sewing Machine Dealers Trade Association) has selected our wee store as 'DEALER OF THE MONTH' for October 2015!! The article can be read here.
We offer classes and events in our 1200 sq ft classroom, which we call: our “Edutainment Center”. Our main focus is with the Baby Lock and Brother machines and software, as well as Floriani software. We have monthly clubs on machine embroidery, serger, foot of the month and Scan-N-Cut. In addition we offer project classes that focus on quilting, heirloom, serger techniques, embroidery and more. On Tuesday afternoons our classroom is a meeting place for “open sewing” – a free time to come to sit-and-sew or just to chat. Our store has hosted several celebrity teacher events, such as Mary Mulari, Jenny Doen, Paula Reid, Linda Hall, Missy Billingsley, Evy Hawkins, … We host frequent Anita Goodesign embroidery workshops and have an annual embroidery party. Every fall around our anniversary we celebrate by having a Floriani event.
Allan has donated countless hours of his time to service older machines, which are then used by local charity organization to teach sewing. We also donate some fabric to the local quilt guild for their community projects. We are both big dog lovers, and have donated a large amount of pet beds to the local Humane Society - all fabric scraps from the shop and several customers are put inside a pillowcase, which is then sewn shut to form a comfortable mattress for a dog or a cat in the shelter. We support numerous charity organizations in our community, and feel blessed by our customers.