Embroidery Designs and Software

We carry various embroidery software products from Baby Lock, Brother, and Designer's Gallery. We are also an authorized dealer for DIME and Floriani embroidery software, designs, stabilizers and threads; as well as a full line dealer for Anita Goodesign embroidery designs.


Q&L is an authorized 'Showcase Dealer' for Koala sewing tables, cabinets and chairs. We are also an authorized 

ARROW dealer.

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BabyLock Sergers - THE BEST!!!

BabyLock sergers are the easiest to thread due to patented JetAir™  and ExtraordinAir™ threading. The sewing is a breeze due to patented Automatic Thread Delivery System™ (=no tension dials!!)

Fabrics, Threads, Notions, etc:
We carry premium quilting and heirloom fabrics. Please, visit the store to browse and purchase.

The Baby Lock Sergers love decorative threads! And we have already a fairly good selection in our store, or you can purchase some of them on-line via href=""  - please, select Quilts and Lace as your 'Sponsoring Dealer':

Some of the thread brands we carry:

*Alex Anderson-cotton polyester quilting thread in 60 wt.

* Mettler Metrosene -all purpose polyester sewing thread

* Mettler Fine Machine Embroidery - 60 wt 100% cotton thread, perfect for heirloom sewing

* Mettler Silk Finish - 50 wt 100% cotton thread, perfect for piecing quilts

* Superior Threads "King Tut" - cotton machine quilting thread

* Superior Threads "Treasure" - cotton hand quilting thread

* Superior Threads "Kimono" - silk thread; great for hand-applique

* Superior Threads "Polyarn" - 'woolly type' serger thread; made of polyester, so it can take more heat than nylon

* Madeira Rayon Embroidery

* Madeira Poly Embroidery

* Madeira Aerofil Polyester All-Purpose Sewing thread

* Madeira Cotona 80 - very fine cotton thread

* Floriani Polyester Embroidery (all 360 colors) - gorgeous, strong embroidery thread that has a sheen like rayon!

* Floriani 60wt Micro Thread - perfect for small lettering and free standing lace

* Floriani Cotton thread for quilting

* Floriani Metallic and variegated threads

* YLI Pearl Crown Rayon - heavy decorative thread for serging and bobbin work

* YLI Jean Stitch - strong, thick polyester thread for topstitching and serging

* YLI Candlelight - heavy glittery thread for serging and bobbinwork

* YLI Woolly Nylon - strethy thread for serging

* YLI Heirloom - fine 100% cotton thread for heirloom sewing

* Robison-Anton Polyester Floss - heavy thread for serging and bobbinwork

* Madeira Decor 6 - heavy thread for serging and bobbinwork

* Superior Threads MasterPiece - Alex Anderson's 50wt 100% cotton thread - great for piecing

* MaxiLock - all purpose serger thread

* Invisible threads - both in nylon and polyester

* Water-soluble threads

* Finishing Touch bobbin thread

* Prewound bobbins bobbin thread in various brands

We are an authorized Retailer for Baby Lock and Brother Sewing machines and products. We have a broad selection of Baby Lock and Brother Sewing, Embroidery and Quilting machines in our store.

The time has come:

The All New Anita Goodesign Online Is Here!

With this new site, you can purchase and download all of your favorite Anita Goodesign products instantly while also supporting us, your local dealer!
When you make a purchase using the new Anita Goodesign Online, you'll simply want to include our Dealer Code on the page where you enter your payment information!
Our Dealer Code Is: 28630XP
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